Thursday, May 25, 2017

Movie review: Those People (2015)

Movie review: Those People (2015)

This is a very intriguing gay film, and I recommend it highly.  It’s basically the story of Charlie and Sebastian, who’ve been best friends most of their lives.  Charlie’s father deserted his family when Charlie was eleven, and he took refuge with Sebastian’s family.  Now it’s fifteen years later, and Sebastian’s father is in prison for misappropriation of investor’s money (think Bernie Madoff).  Charlie and several others act as Sebastian’s support group.  Charlie would like nothing more than to be Sebastian’s boyfriend, but it’s not in the cards.  Then he meets a pianist named Tim, and they have an affair.  I can’t provide any more information without getting into spoilers.

Some independent gay films have an amateurish quality about them, but not this one.  This movie is very well done, in every respect.

Here’s the trailer:

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