Sunday, October 4, 2015

First Time

Golden Raintrees Bloom for the First Time

Five or six years ago, we planted a pair of Golden Raintrees near two corners of our house, and I've been waiting ever since for them to bloom.  Raintrees have to be a certain age before they bloom, and every year in September when the numerous Raintrees in the area began to show signs of blooming, I carefully inspected mine - and found nothing.

I was afraid this year was going to be another bust, but when all the Raintrees in the area were in full bloom this year, I took a closer look at mine and found a few blossoms.

One of our two Raintrees showing bloom for the first time.

This mature Raintree is just a mile down the road from us.  I hope ours will look this good in a year or two.

Warwick Rowing Club


Nice 'V' shape

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Live From the Met in HD - Verdi's Il Trovatore

 This was a great production of Verdi's dark and brooding masterpiece.  And once again I was struck at how great it is to see operas from the Met  close-up and personal on the big screen.  It is so much better than being in the opera house.

Live from the MET in HD - Il Trovatore

The only annoying thing in the opera was the famous anvil chorus.  The sound of hammers striking wood does not produce any sort of a clang.  Surely, the percussion section of the orchestra could have provided some sound effects.

Anna Netrebko was very good as Leonora.  She has a powerful voice and used it to good effect.

Muscles on display


In the kitchen