Saturday, July 8, 2017

Movie Review "Crazy All These Years"

This is a charming gay film from 2016 that works on several levels.

Ben (played by handsome Christopher Howell) has returned to the home he left at age 18, fifteen years previously, to take care of his dying mother.  It is clear from the onset that there is no dammed up flood of affection between mother and son, and subsequent dialogue bears that out.

The dialogue between mother and son is authentic and extremely well written.  She'd been being taken care of by his sister, who'd recently been found dead on the floor.  Watching over things in the interim was Lori, a neighbor.

We soon learn that Ben had been lovers with Lori's older brother when he'd left town, and that the brother had gotten married a few years earlier.

It becomes clear that the brother is still carrying a torch, despite what he says, and Ben isn't entirely disinterested.

Some viewers might wish that this movie was "gayer" or that there was some sex, but honestly, none of the above were necessary—it was that well done.  At the end, it becomes obvious that the two men are going to revive their relationship, and the story leaves us with that.

 Christopher Howell, who plays Ben in the movie.

 James J. Fuertes, who plays Joe, Ben's former lover and current love interest.

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