Sunday, April 30, 2017

Men of Spartacus (Season One)

Season One of Spartacus was originally titled "Spartacus:  Blood and Sand", for some reason the title was later changed to "Spartacus: War of the Damned."

I haven't watched the second season, but Season One contained enough male frontal nudity to satisfy even the most jaded viewer.

The above photo is of Manu Bennett, who played the role of Crixus, Champion of Capua (until Spartacus bested him in the arena).

 Gladiators on display.

Men live in close quarters in a training school for gladiators.

Naked men everywhere.

Antonio Te Maioha is from New Zealand, and has his name suggests, has Maori ancestry.  His splendid attributes are often on display in the role of Barca.

Here, Manu Bennett is "inspected" by the lustful wife of Legatus Glaber

Actor Craig Parker played the role of the scheming Legatus Glaber, whose betrayal of Spartacus led to the latter's slavery and the key to the plot.  The Ancient Romans despised body hair, and the Patrician class spent considerable time and effort ridding themselves of it. I don't know if Parker always keeps himself so deliciously smooth, or whether he did the body grooming to lend authenticity to his role.


  1. Hmmm. It DOES look interesting. Whee may one view this series?

  2. I really don't know whether it' available from one of the download services or not. We have season one on DVD, and it's available from Amazon for $11.99.