Wednesday, June 7, 2017


"Wow,... what a worthy goal," I said. "But you don't have to wait until you're President to do that!"
"What do you mean?" she replied.
So I told her, "You can come here to my house, mow the lawn, pull the weeds, trim my hedge, and I'll pay you $50. Then you can go over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out, and you can give him the $50 to use to buy food and a new house."
She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eye and asked, "Why doesn't the homeless guy come over to do the work, and you can just pay him the $50?"
I said, "Welcome to the Republican Party."
Her parents aren't speaking to me anymore.

If you know any Republicans that would get a chuckle out of this, share it with them.
If you send it to most Democrats, they just will delete it. I guess the logic escapes them. 

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