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EMT: A Tale of Love and Disaster Chapter 3

EMT: A Tale of Love and Disaster
Copyright © 2017 by Etienne

Chapter 3

THE STATION’S EMPLOYEES were sitting at the table savoring their dinner that evening, when one of them asked Ron how the new guy had done on his first day.
“He did just fine,” Ron said. “In fact, he seems to fit right in with this group, and more importantly, with the way I work.”
Brody felt his face grow hot.
“You’ve made him blush, Ron,” Jonas said.
“He’s young. He’ll get over that soon enough.”
Brody decided to change the subject, and said, “So what time do we hit the sack, guys?”
“That depends on what kind of a day we’ve had,” Jonas said.
“And whether or not we were called out the previous night,” Harry said.
“Usually we’re all sound asleep by the time the eleven o’clock news is over,” Ron said. “And before I forget about it, I need to remind you to have the clothes you’re wearing close at hand when you go to bed.”
“I usually fold my khakis and T-shit and leave them on my nightstand,” Jonas said.
“That sounds like a good idea,” Brody said.
Later, while the other men were watching TV, Brody settled back in one of the recliners. He was listening to music on his iPod, and reading a book on an iPad mini; but after a while, his concentration faded and he began to reflect on the events of the day. For probably the first time in his life, he really felt like he was part of a team; and more to the point, a team whose members accepted him at face value. While it was true that he’d participated in a couple of team sports while he was in high school and college, he’d never really felt like he was a part of the team; and the way he felt at the end of his first day on the job was a good feeling. As the news began on the flat-screen TV, he yawned and rose from his chair.
“I’m going to call it a night,” he said to no one in particular as he headed for the bedroom.
Brody stripped to his boxers and carefully folded his khakis and placed them on the nightstand under his T-shirt. After a quick trip to the bathroom, he crawled between the sheets of his surprisingly comfortable bed and was instantly asleep.
He was jarred awake by a loud alarm, and without even stopping to think about what he was doing, he jumped out of bed and dressed as quickly as he could. Looking around the room, he saw that the other guys were doing the same thing. He stepped into his shoes, and headed for the garage, where he found Ron in the process of opening the bay doors.
“What’s up, Ron?” Brody said.
“Another accident. This one’s just down the road from us.”
Brody looked at his watch. “I forgot to look at the time. It’s six.”
“Yeah. We got to sleep nearly all night for a change, and that’s always a good thing.”
As it turned out, the accident wasn’t a particularly bad one, and Brody and Ron patched up a few bruises and contusions without having to transport anyone to the ER. Their route back to the station took them by a McDonald’s and Ron instructed Brody, who was driving, to pull into the restaurant parking lot.
Brody did so, and Ron hopped out of the passenger seat. “Coffee and sausage biscuit OK?”
“Sounds good, but won’t they be cooking at the station?”
“Not today. The guys on the truck decided to try the new Hardee’s down the road. If anything comes over the radio that’s important, give me a blast on the siren.”
“Will do. Want some cash?”
“I’ve got it this time.”
They were munching the last of their biscuits when Brody pulled into the bay at the station, and since the ambulance hadn’t actually hauled a patient anywhere, they got things restored to order in record time.
“Time to hit the showers,” Ron said.
“We got here first, so we can shower first.”
“I don’t understand.”
“We can’t have everyone in the showers at the same time,” Ron said. “Someone has to man the phones, so we limit the showers to two or three guys at one time.”
“I’ve got a lot to learn, haven’t I?”
“Not really. It’s mostly common sense.”
Sharing the shower with Ron, Brody couldn’t help but notice that he was in pretty good shape for an older guy. He has to be at least thirty, and probably uses that weight room a lot, Brody thought. Those red pubes are absolutely fascinating. He turned his back to Ron and began to soap himself thoroughly, hoping that he wouldn’t sprout wood. That had been an ongoing problem of his whenever he shared communal showers with good-looking guys, and he didn’t really didn’t want to think about what that fact implied about himself. Somehow he managed to maintain control over his body, rinsed off, and stepped out of the shower. A small table in the corner of the bathroom held a stack of clean white towels, so he grabbed one of the towels and began to dry himself. He was still toweling his hair dry when he walked into the bedroom area and went to his locker.
Harry and Jonas were in the process of undressing, and Harry said, “Shower available?”
“I think Ron should be done by now,” Brody said.
“Good, because I got all hot and sweaty washing that damn fire truck.”
“I thought it was clean when you left the station earlier,” Brody said.
Harry pointed at Jonas. “Yeah, but this dipshit just had to drive it through a huge mud puddle on the way back.”
“Oops,” Brody said.
“Oops is right,” Jonas said. “It’ll be a while before I live that one down.”
“Couldn’t you have avoided the puddle?” Brody said.
“I thought it was a shortcut.”
Harry snorted. “Some shortcut.”
Brody chuckled at that. “By the way, guys. I noticed that the bed next to mine wasn’t used last night. Are we missing someone?”
“Yeah,” Jonas said. “That’s Sheldon’s bed. He’s on vacation right now, but he’ll be back in a couple of days.”

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