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EMT: A Tale of Love and Disaster Ch 7

EMT: A Tale of Love and Disaster
Copyright 2017 by Etienne

Chapter 7

“LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE ready to cool off,” his grandfather said.
“Yes, Sir. Is the boat running okay?”
“You bet it is. I take it out every three or four days. Why do you ask?”
“If you feel like driving, I wouldn’t mind doing a bit of skiing.”
“Now you’re talking. Give me a couple of minutes to change clothes, and we’ll do it.”
“I’ll go get the boat ready.”
Brody walked out to the end of the dock and stepped inside the boathouse. He used the electric winch to lower the ski boat into the water, then pulled the boat manually around to the edge of the dock and tied it securely. He went to a storage shed beside the house, retrieved his favorite slalom ski, and took it down to the edge of the water. Then he waded out to the boat, retrieved the ski rope, and pulled the handle back to the edge of the lake.
As Brody stepped onto the ski and got his foot comfortable in the binding, his grandfather walked out onto the dock.
“Looks like you’re ready to go, lad,” his grandfather said.
“Whenever you are.”
His grandfather stepped into the boat, untied it, and started the motor. He let it idle for a minute or two, then maneuvered it into place and pulled forward until the ski rope was taut. Then he turned to yell at Brody. “Ready?”
Brody nodded, and the boat took off. In mere seconds, he was skimming across the water and grinning with pleasure. His grandfather took him on a long curve around part of the lake, then headed east in a straight line. Brody wondered what the old man was doing until he saw him turn and point a camera in his direction. When he was finished with the camera, his grandfather turned the boat to the south, and began to head back to the dock.
When they were close to home, his grandfather pointed at the dock and looked a question at him. Brody answered by motioning for him to go around the lake again, and the old man did so. They’d done it so often that they had their signals down pat. They made several more loops of the lake before Brody signaled it was time to head to shore. His grandfather headed toward the dock, but turned sharply at the last minute. Brody let go of the rope and coasted into the shallows until he lost enough momentum that the ski sank under his weight. He stepped out of the ski, grabbed it, and set it on the dock. Then he went to help his grandfather get the boat situated in the boathouse.
“You looked good out there, lad,” his grandfather said.
“And I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks, Pop.”
“You know I get a kick out of watching you do things I can’t do anymore.”
“Thanks anyway.”
“When we get inside, I’ll give you the card from the camera and you can load the pictures onto your laptop.”
Brody put his ski back in the shed, then went inside the house to shower and change. As always, his days with his grandfather were enjoyable, and he was fully rested two mornings later when he headed to work.

INSTEAD OF GRABBING lunch on the fly that day, the team ate at the trestle table. While they ate, Brody’s deepening tan was remarked upon.
“Looks like you spent a lot of time in the sun, Brody,” Ron said.
“Yeah. I moved in with my grandfather down at the lake, and spent the better part of two days on the water.”
“Doing what?” Sheldon said.
Brody opened his iPad mini, and went to a screen. “Mostly this,” he said, and passed the device around the table.
Sheldon looked at the photo of Brody on the slalom cutting across the wake of the boat. “Damn, Brody, you look like a pro on that thing.”
“Hardly that, but I’ve been skiing since I was a little boy.”
Will your grandfather’s boat pull two skiers?” Sheldon said.
“I think so. Want to come down and try it some time?”
“Count on it, buddy.”
They finished their lunch just in time to take a call—this time to a house fire. When they arrived at the scene, Brody saw that it was a good-sized two-story house, and it looked to his uneducated eye to be hopelessly ablaze.
He and Ron treated one of the occupants of the house for minor burns, and one of the firemen for smoke inhalation, then headed back to the station.
“Was that typical for a house fire?” Brody said.
“Pretty much,” Ron said, “although they’re usually not quite so far gone by the time we get there.”
“I wonder why that one was so, as you put it, ‘far gone’?”
“That house dated back to the turn of the last century, so it was probably built mostly with heart pine.”
“Lots of sap in that old lumber.”

WHEN BRODY WENT into the bathroom to shave the next morning, he found Sheldon standing in front of one of the sinks. He wasn’t working on his face, however—he was lathering up his pubic area.
Brody took the other sink and began to shave, all the while watching Sheldon out of the corner of one eye. He noticed that by the time Sheldon began to shave the base of his penis, it was already hard as a rock. Brody stared… and Sheldon caught him at it.
“It always does that,” he said. “In fact, mutual genital shaving is a highly erotic experience.”
“I take it that means you’ve tried it with someone.”
“Oh, yeah.”
Without warning, Sheldon grabbed Brody’s hand, and placed Brody’s fingers against his smooth pubic area.
“Smooth as a baby’s bottom right?”
Brody stammered at that. “… Yeah, I guess.”
“No guessing about it.”
Sheldon moved Brody’s fingers down until they touched hot hard flesh, and Brody jerked his hand away as though it were scalded.
“I scare you, don’t I?” Sheldon said.
“I… I don’t know what to say to that,” Brody said, and made a point of finishing his shave.
“You might not know what to say, but your body is speaking for you.”
Brody realized that he was half hard, so he ducked into the shower area and willed it to go down. What’s happening to me? he thought. Silly question. You know damn well what’s happening—you’ve been fighting certain impulses since puberty. Brody showered quickly, and toweled himself dry while walking back to the bedroom area. By the time he was fully dressed, he was back in control of himself—he hoped.

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