Saturday, May 27, 2017

EMT: A Tale of Love and Disaster ch 5

EMT: A Tale of Love and Disaster
Copyright 2017 by Etienne

Chapter 5

WHEN BRODY WALKED into the station to begin his second shift, Ron said, “Damn, Brody you look like you had a great two days.”
“You can say that again. I spent both days with my grandfather down at the lake, and it was great. I swam laps in the lake twice a day, and spent most of the rest of the time lying in the sun.”
“Nothing like a little R and R to revive the spirit.”
Brody’s second shift went pretty much like his first shift had, and by the time he went to bed that night he felt that he’d really begun to pull his weight with the team. For once, their sleep was uninterrupted by calls, and Brody rolled out of the sack at seven the next morning feeling alert and refreshed. Then he spotted something that made his jaw drop.
As he stood between the beds, he saw a tall blond man sprawled naked on top of the sheets of the adjacent bed. He was on his back, and his lithely muscled body was smooth and tan all over. As far as Brody could see, there wasn’t a hair on his body other than on top of his head, and the tuft of blond hairs that stuck out from under his arms. The man’s early morning wood pointed at a forty-five degree angle from his body.
Brody turned toward the room, and saw Jonas grinning at him. Jonas pointed toward the bathroom, and Brody followed him inside.
“I see you’ve discovered Sheldon,” Jonas said. “He must have gotten in late last night.”
“Is he always like that?”
“Pretty much. Our Sheldon treats this place like a nudist colony.”
“You’ll get used to it. And when it comes to Sheldon, there’s an old saying that goes something like ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it.’”
Brody didn’t have a response for that, and given that his body was beginning to betray him, he quickly took refuge in one of the stalls. When he returned to the bedroom to retrieve his shaving kit, Sheldon was still sprawled on the bed, but was beginning to stir. Brody tried unsuccessfully not to stare, then quickly averted his eyes and headed for the showers. As he stepped out of the shower to begin toweling himself dry, he nearly collided with Sheldon, who was headed for the showers.
“Hi,” Sheldon said in a sexy baritone. “I’m Sheldon, and you are?”
“Brody. I’m the new EMT tech.”
“Welcome aboard, and I’ll see you around.”
Sheldon stepped under the showerhead and began to soap himself.
Brody quickly finished drying himself, then wrapped the towel around his waist to hide his body’s reaction to Sheldon. Shit, he thought, as he headed for his locker, I’ve got to get a handle on my reactions. His train of thought was interrupted by the alarm bell, so he finished dressing in record time and headed toward the garage. As he stepped into the passenger seat of the ambulance, he spotted Sheldon running through the double doors pulling on clothes as he went.
“What’s happening, Ron?” Brody said.
“There’s a multi-car accident over on I-75, and three departments have been called to it, including us.”
“That’s a good fifteen miles from here.”
“Yeah, and I’m going to hurry just a bit more than usual.”
With that, Ron stepped on the gas, and the big truck spurted forward. Fortunately, the traffic was light, and their route was four lanes most of the way. When they reached I-75, they found the southbound traffic already backed up to their exit. As they headed down the exit ramp, they saw another ambulance headed in the opposite direction.
“Looks like someone’s already picked up a patient or two,” Brody said.
“Yeah, but from what we just heard on the radio, there are plenty of them to go around.”
“I see lights up ahead.”
“Yeah, and we’re going to have to drive down the shoulder to get around this congestion.”
“Isn’t that dangerous?”
“You bet your ass it is. You never know when some fool will hear the siren and try to pull over—right in front of us.”
They spent a tense few minutes getting around the mass of backed-up vehicles, and when they arrived at the scene, two highway patrolmen ran interference for them by blocking the flow of traffic. Another ambulance was already on the scene, and its crew treating patients, but as Ron had said, there were plenty of them to go around.
Eventually, they had two patients ready for transport, loaded them in the ambulance, and headed up the interstate. When the vehicle finally stopped, and Ron opened the back doors, Brody immediately realized they weren’t at their usual hospital, and said so.
“I got a call when we were halfway here, telling me that the ER at County Regional was overloaded, so they directed us over here.”
“I’ve never been here before, where are we?”
“Our usual stop is a county facility. This is Parker Memorial, and it’s a for-profit hospital.”
They’d been unloading the stretcher while they talked, and when it was ready to roll, Ron took charge of it while Brody led the other patient inside the ER. It didn’t take long to turn their charges over to the ER staff, and they were on their way.
“I was really impressed with those people,” Brody said.
“Yeah. When you don’t have to deal with charity patients all day long, you can work much more efficiently.”
“Is that what it is?”
“For sure. People who are medically indigent use the county hospital like a free clinic. Most of them aren’t really emergencies; and collectively, they slow down treatment of real injuries.”
“That’s a shame.”
“Welcome to the real world, kiddo.”
The fire engine was already back in place when Brody pulled the ambulance into its bay. He and Ron began the task of cleaning the ambulance and getting it ready for its next trip, and Sheldon came over to help them.
“How’d it go, guys?” he said.
“County was overloaded,” Ron said, “so we took two patients to Parker Memorial.”
“If you guys ever have to pick up my broken body on the road,” Sheldon said, “that’s where I want you to take me.”
“Let’s hope that never happens, my friend,” Ron said.
As the three men worked to clean the inside of the ambulance, Sheldon kept finding excuses to work extremely close to Brody; sometimes to the extent that their bodies touched. It took a while for Brody to get used to the close contact, but he somehow managed to keep things under control. When the ambulance was once again ready for service, Ron and Brody thanked Sheldon for his help.
“All in a day’s work,” Sheldon said.


  1. You know, if you keep posting chapters, I'm going to have the whole book by the time it's offered for sale. Mind you, I'm going to buy it. But at this rate, I'll have it in two formats.

  2. Thank you for that, but not to worry. The entire book won't be posted here, just a few chapters to stimulate interest.